What is an Explainer video?

What is an animated explainer video?

A quick overview

What is an explainer video? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s a type of video, mostly used by businesses and organizations to explain a certain product, service or even their brand, in a simple and effective way.

In one minute they explain what your chosen topic is all about. Video is the perfect medium to get your message across. People connect to the magic of the moving image, absorbing it like a sponge. It’s your story, shared in one click, on any device, anywhere.

At Zologie, we make complex things simple through animation. Why animation? Simple: animation knows no boundaries. It gives you the power to visualize anything… from within our offices!

Within the field of animated explainer videos, we distinguish three major categories:

The “classic” animated explainer video

At Zologie we’ve created a lot of “classic” animated explainer videos. Used to explain a product or service to drive sales. The story arc is simple but effective: “You have a problem… and we’ve got the solution!”

Like this one, for Freebility:

The animated brand video

The next example is what we like to call a “brand video”. This is an explainer video aimed at communicating what an organization or business is all about. It’s a great way to show your organization’s mission and core values. Visually in line with the corporate style and branding of course!

Here is one we created together with Accountancy Europe:

The animated advocacy video

The purpose of an animated advocacy video is to try and change people’s behavior. Mostly used by organizations and NGOs. Some have the general public as an audience, some have decision makers (i.e. members of the EU-parliament) as the main target. 

This project was a coop with FIA Region I:

With the advocacy video we conclude our three major explainer video categories

Curious how we work? Want to know how long it takes to finish a production? Go and check our workflow breakdown and learn about the 8 milestones we set out from start to finish. We have created an overview based on a production for the FIA Region I.

And of course there is more to animation than only explainer videos. At Zologie we take pride in creating 2D animated communication tools. From the explainer videos mentioned above to social media videos and assets for web-apps. 

We’re always ready for a challenge!