Teach online with animated video

Teaching with animated video

Think about this. As an organization, you regularly give guided tours for schools and companies. This way the visitors get to know your organization and operation well. But how do you do that during Corona? Visits are not possible or limited. But of course you would like to reach your target group and bring them into contact with your values ​​and knowledge. 

Animation as a tutor

Animation packs difficult topics into rather short, clear, animated storylines. This provides many advantages: 

  • A good animation attracts attention and keeps you interested until the end of the video.
  • The explanation is supported by a strong visual imagery. This makes it easier to understand the subject. But also to remember it longer. 
  • Translations and native voice-overs ensure that you can reach everyone. 
  • Animations can be viewed and used over and over again.

We know this from experience. Zologie has a knack for developing this type of content. Below you can find some striking examples:

Educate with an explainer video. Let’s talk about biodiversity! 

Danish teenagers get to see this video about biodiversity in secondary school. They learn what our impact is on the planet and they are encouraged to take action themselves. This was an initiative of DOF, a bird conservation organization from Denmark and DANIDA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

An explainer video for Danish Teenagers.

An educational game with a lot of custom animated video: De Watergroep Kids.

In addition to explainer videos, we’ve also made illustrations and animations for a web application (a game really) for de Watergroep. (Developed by Spaced

Children in primary school learn about the production and distribution of drinking water in a playful way. They do this by gaming with the main characters Sam and Flapstaart who discover the world of Arcadia by playing games and meeting other characters.

Discover the world of Arcadia here: https://kids.dewatergroep.be/scene/world

Project showcase of De Watergroep Kids

Animation video to the rescue!

Under normal circumstances, you will extensively share your knowledge. Preferably in practice by having people visit your organization. Unfortunately, Corona makes that very difficult. 

Of course, doing nothing at all is not an option. You want to keep reaching your target audience. In this case animations or web applications are interesting tools. This way you can develop useful materials for lessons at school or at home. 

Zologie is happy to help you with creating helpful content. We would like to have a short conversation about it via Google Meet. Contact us via the contact page, email us (hello@zologie.com) or call us: +32485401523.