Bite-sized social media animations for your content calendar

Having trouble filling your content calendar?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your social media channels had short professionally animated content at least once per month? 

Of course it would! It improves your visibility, they are completely in line with your corporate or campaign guidelines and they boost your online presence and recognisability. They’re called snackable or short-form video.

Well, at Zologie we love to cut out all of the boring stuff. We like to be inventive and create vibrant and custom professional content.

That’s why we developed the bite-sized social media animations program

What are bite-sized social media animations?

Actually, it’s fairly straightforward:

  • It’s 2D animated content you can use on your social media channels. 
  • They are mostly short, about 10 to 15 seconds long. But often looped.
  • And they should be recognisable as belonging to your brand, because of their visual style. 

They can be used to highlight “special days” or moments valued by your brand. Or to regularly inform customers and members about your activities

This way you engage with your audience in a less formal and in a more unique way. On top of that, you strengthen the appearance of your brand. And you can highlight values and topics that your brand cares about.

We care about the planet for instance, that’s why we created an animation for #earthhour. Hit play to check these examples.

#earthhour – Zologie social media animation

#futureofCAP – BirdLife & WWF social media animation

#scheldeprijs – Gemeente Schoten social media animation

#dikketruiendag – Zologie social media animation

#WorldEnvironmentDay – FIA Region 1 social media animation

At Zologie, we are ready to help you add relevant and professional animations to your content calendar on a monthly basis. 

We’ve got 5 steps:


The first step in creating the video concept is a short workshop on your intended use of social media animations.

What do we do during this workshop?

  • We scan your current corporate style guide and online social media presence.
  • We also interview you about the role of social media for your organization.

These are some of the topics we might interview you about.

  • What’s the type of animation you would like to see recur?
  • Is the focus all about information?
  • Or is it about sharing values visually?
  • Or would you just like to infuse your timeline with some funny but engaging posts?
  • What’s your regular posting interval and what do you post about?
  • On which platforms are you posting?
  • And so on.

The goal of the workshop is getting a good sense of the marketing plan of your organization. We adjust our ideas and concepts accordingly.

Social media animation workshop

The video concept

With all this data, we make a creative proposal on how we think bite-sized social media animations will work best for your organization. This is what we call the Video Concept. At first this is a written concept. Only after your feedback and approval, we work out guidelines and assets to support the concept. 

The end result is a handbook with guidelines on how to animate your organization’s specific bite-sized animation formats. If included in the concept, it will also include (recurring) character designs and its source files.

A video concept will typically include:

  • A PDF handbook detailing the video concept;
  • Your organization’s logo animation in MOV and MP4, both 16:9 and 1:1;
  • A standard template for your organization’s specific animation format;
  • All foreseen recurring assets;
Social media animation video concept

The content calendar

Based on the video concept and your preferences we’ll work out a bite-sized animation content calendar for your organization.

Ideally this fits right in with your existing calendar. It might replace or upgrade planned posts or it can have a content-path of its own.

This all depends on the results of the workshop we organize at the start of the project. The workshop could define that your want to add more fun posts, or just extra short informative messages. Of course, this can be a mix too.


Social Media Animation Content Calendar

Animation video production

Once the content calendar is worked out and locked, things will get real – or animated in this case. 

We first work out the different topics in storyboards. 

The style is defined in the video concept guidelines. If necessary, we create new assets or variations of existing assets.

We’ll work out animations on a monthly basis. We like to spread production, so that we’re able to adapt to the results you get from the animations on social media along the way.

Once an animation is finished, the delivery milestone for that animation is reached.

Social media animation production

Go out and post your social media animations!

Each time we finish one of the bite-sized animations, you can schedule the posts with the MP4 files we deliver. 

Do you want subtitles with your bite-sized social media animations? No problem, we can deliver them fast.

Share your social media animations


Let’s set up a Google Hangouts meeting and discuss! We can also provide you with a pricing document. Just drop us a line at or give us a call: +32 (0)485 40 15 23.