A short-form video showcase

The “snackable” is a dynamic form of social media communication. It is a (super) short-form video that offers bite-sized pieces of information to your chosen target audience.

Snackable or short-form videos are obviously short, can be very creative and are a great thumb stopper. The goal? To attract attention, quickly. This way, as an organization you can expose important information in a short time.

They work best in series. Repetition is an important factor in this. If your snackables are well made, it ensures immediate recognition by your followers.

At Zologie, we love to make creative and eye-catching short videos. But that’s enough talking, let’s just show you some of our projects!

The following examples were made for the FIA ​​Region I social media channels.

Snackables can take many forms, but 1:1 or square is certainly one of them.

Together with Storycatchers , we made these snackables for the Ombudsman for the trade. They were used on Youtube (pre-roll) and other social media. The goal: to create awareness for these independent problem solvers.

Because different channels were used, we made both 16:9 (widescreen) and 1:1 (square) versions. And of course they also had to be multilingual for a Belgian audience.

Short-form video for TV.

Together with DeMensen, we made these animated TV spots for Sport Vlaanderen. They were used on national television in early 2020 to promote sporting intentions. Not snackables by definition, but they are by nature: short, creative and powerful.


Short video messages to make a point

Birdlife also recognizes the power of video for social media. For a collaboration between WWF and Birdlife, we developed a series of looping videos on the impact of monoculture agriculture on biodiversity in both Northern and Southern Europe.

These videos have no sound. Why? Since audio on social media is optional, many people view their feed muted.

Practice what you preach: we too use a video-marketing approach

Of course we also use short video for our own marketing. We have made a series of videos around the hashtag #howcananimationhelp.

We explored the power of animation in 6 posts. How can you use animation to improve your brand? Find out below!