We need to talk about Corona

Effective and safe communication production in times of Corona

Effective and safe communication production in times of Corona. A couple of contactless options and a social distancing safe solution.

How can Zologie help your organization in these pretty weird times? I guess it’s long overdue to talk about our services (and how safe they are 😉 ) in the light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Of course we’ll be as happy as anyone else when the all clear is sounded, but what do you do in the meantime?

How we can help you to communicate, with 100% contactless productions.

Let’s start with the most safe way of creating communication at this moment in time. 100% contactless. Our animation and illustration productions can be created without ever seeing each other in real life. And communication is key at this moment. You shouldn’t stop communicating. Let people know what you’re up to and keep telling them your story.

Today we produce content from our home offices and communicate via project management tools like Basecamp. We’re happy to use video conferencing tools to go through briefings and concepts with you. 

Ok, that’s all great, but what do we offer exactly? 🧐Here are 5 options.

1. Explainer videos, to make things easier to understand

Our classic: an animated explainer video is used to explain a product or service… or even a situation. It’s an excellent video tool to provide information on how your organization copes with the restrictions and measures in effect during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can easily show the broader picture with an explainer video!

2. Safety videos, to keep everyone updated on the latest measures within your offices

Now that we’re easing out of lockdown and companies and organizations are rebooting, effective and easy to understand communication towards employees and visitors is a necessity. Add animations to your on site signage and to your reception area. This way everyone is easily informed.

A Digital Signage Concept for Schoten

3. Social Media Content, to enhearten and inform followers

From heart warming messages of support during these uncertain times, to fast communication updates… Social media animations are an interesting way to keep your followers in the loop. Did you know that we have a social media animation program in which we set up a framework to fall back to for future productions? This way you can communicate consistently throughout time, and in line with corporate style guides.

4. Infographics, fast turnaround times, effective communication

Probably the content fastest to produce: 2D illustrated infographics, based on your copy and data. We have been creating infographics since the very beginning of Zologie. We even created some animated ones! 🙂 An infographic is still an effective way of communicating complex concepts in a simple way. 

An infographic for Ertico.com

5. Branding for your (self recorded) videos, to make a visual difference

We can brand your live video messages in a creative and professional way. You record your message yourself. We add your branding. Need help with your script? No problem. This is an example (in Dutch) we did for Cogetix.

Or we can point you in the right direction for safe productions, on location

As far as live video is concerned, we can brand your own recorded videos as stated above. But you could go for safe, professionally recorded videos as well. Live video is not our core business, we always rely on our colleagues who have a studio in the co-working space we normally work from: Storycatchers.

Live video, recorded in a safe location

Storycatchers can provide you with a professional recording location in “De Koekenfabriek” in Antwerp. They have been providing live streams and other social-distancing-safe productions for various clients from the start of the pandemic. If you want professional quality for your recordings, or even a green key video (with added animated content by Zologie maybe?) they are happy to help, taking into account all safety measures necessary.

Check out their website for more information: www.storycatchers.be 

A COVID-19 Symposium recorded at Storycatchers’ studio. ©2020 Storycatchers

The Corona-approach of Zologie

As a digital 2D animation studio, we’re pretty lightweight as far as hardware is concerned. This makes that we can easily work from home, we simply moved our high-end rigs there. And that’s what we’ve been doing since the 13th of March.

Our studio has historically benefited from remote working: we work with a go-to skeleton crew of professionals for audio and copy, who work from their own studios. Next to that we’ve prefered digital comms tools like Google Meet for a long time. They’re now everyone’s daily portal to peers and clients. We can only encourage to uphold this, once it all blows over.

Our core team keeps contact with each other throughout the day, making sure all productions meet deadlines and are of our trademark quality.

Want to start effective and safe communication production in times of Corona? Contact us and we’re happy to set up a Google Meet with you.

+32 (0)485 40 15 23 | hello@zologie.com