A whole lot of complementary services

Complementary services

Creating an animated video is one thing, but what about extras like additional language versions and subtitles? No worries, we’ve got you covered!


Video strategy

Not sure about the best video strategy for your business? We can help with that. We will define and lay out the best strategy for your organisation.


Additional languages

If you have a multilingual audience, we can translate your script and add a new, native voice to the animation video.


Subtitles and closed captions

Do you want subtitles and closed captions? We deliver SRT subtitle files. Once uploaded to your favorite video platform like YouTube or Vimeo, the viewer can choose to turn them on or off. We can also add other languages through transcriptions of the original subtitles.


Custom music composition

In most cases we use royalty free music that we tailor and tune to your video, which is great! But if you want to go 100% original and create your own sound, that’s certainly possible. We can hire a composer to create a completely custom piece of music. And of course we will only use it for your brand.


A license to promote

If you want to promote your video with an advertising budget on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, you will need a license to do so for all audio. We’re happy to arrange this for you with our audio-providers. All visual aspects are originally made and covered by Zologie and don’t need an extra license.


Illustrator source files

You can get a copy of the Illustrator source files. This is interesting if your marketing department or freelancers want to use the designs of the video in a print or web campaign. Note that these are the static illustrations we use to animate, so they are not “posed”. Of course we can prepare additional illustrations on request. Ask for a quote.

after effects

After Effects source files

Do you want to be able to transfer the full project to partners? For example to use for localisation? This is possible with the optional After Effects Source Files add-on. Keep in mind that we offer this as a service too.