Zologie that’s pure craftsmanship!

We‘re skillful makers, creators with a good heart. 

Our crafty hands and creative minds are the true power behind our business. Again and again we design something out of nothing. Something clear & powerful, something custom, something unique. Zologie is not your ordinary animation studio.

Zologie teams up with committed organizations that tell an important message. Genuine stories that need to be heard, as loud and clear as possible. 

We thrive when customers let us break free. Constructive collaboration with customers that dare to trust the creative process, brings out the best in us!  

Time and time again mutual respect forms the basis for a successful video journey. Final destination? An activating, animating & clever video message, that will be heard!

“Making a video never went that smooth. We are promoting a complex EU-funded project on sustainable mobility in six regions in Europe. Thanks to the professionalism of Zologie, we delivered a very comprehensive video before the deadline and had great feedback from our project partners”

– Maria-Cecilia Angulo, POLIS – The network of European cities and regions cooperating for innovative transport solutions

What we do

Zologie tells your story, loud and clear. With more power and emotion than you could have ever imagined, but yet, and always, simple

We create unique 2D animation videos that simplify, engage and activate

From now on your message will be understood by the small ones and the very big ones. It will be heard by the old one and the young one, the one that never listened and the one that didn’t care before. Zologie sets the tone and delivers your message, powerful but oh so simple.

Everything is handmade for your story, from the first second until the last. From the first “bleepbleepblob” until the last “kaboooom”. Every finger, every leave, every drop of water, … just as it should be. Each line and every dash of colour has been thought through to strengthen your message. We captivate your audience until the final frame.  

Together, we map out the scenario ahead. We’re flexible and transparent. No hiding and only honesty. 

And that’s what brings us the utmost satisfaction. Spreading authentic messages that need to be heard. Genuine videos with a twist, that will truly drive the point home! Let’s focus on what matters and what matters now, is the power of your message.

“We’ve received very positive feedback about the videos. The simplicity and duration of the videos are highly appreciated and make a complex subject understandable for our target groups. A path that we will continue to follow. Thank you for making this possible with us, on that short period of time.”

– Jasper Delanoy, communication manager NVAO

Our mission

We carry out those messages that need to be heard. Our videos will change the way the world looks at you and engages with you. We aim for harmony, more equity and sustainability in everything that we do! 


Who we are

Zologie is a 2D animation studio with a lovely, small team. We’ve been creating creative productions since 2013. Our biggest focus is of course animation, but we’re very good at illustrating too. With Pieter at its core, Zologie works with a skeleton crew of relevant specialists. We’re happy to introduce the key figures of our team.

Pieter Rubberecht

Pieter Rubberecht is the owner of Zologie.

He started the studio in 2013. Pieter manages the business side of things, but you can also find him storyboarding, illustrating and animating at the studio. He’s connected to the AP university of applied sciences in Antwerp, lecturing in the Motion Design Lab.

With a personal interest in circular economy and solving climate change through technology, there is always a discussion to be had with Pieter.
PS: he’s keen on board games, always up for a challenge!

Matthijs Van Mierlo is our copywriting expert.

He’s our very own master of narrative. Wizard of words. Conjuror of copy… Well, you get the point. Matthijs does a lot of the writing and text editing for Zologie. He’s also a digital creative at VRT.

And if he’s not behind his typewriter, you can find him taking Wes Andersonesque pictures or creating video essays on Youtube.

Tom Bleys

Tom Bleys is the man behind the Zologie sound.

He has been in charge of all things audio at the studio since the early start. From writing or editing music to all pops, blips and bumps. A lot of which he – by the way – recorded himself.

He also happens to be a VR audio expert, teaching at HoWest. If he’s not editing sound and/or music, he’s probably playing the guitar or building with Legos.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us by phone (+32 485 40 15 23) or e-mail: hello@zologie.com.