A community-based Virtual Power Plant.

Thanks to Kamp-C, we contributed to a topic that is more relevant than ever: the cVPP-project, a community-based virtual power plant.

Projects that strive for a sustainable and just future, are the ones we love to create for.

For over three years, a partnership of multiple organizations researched and developed the cVPP-project. They investigated how communities can get started on managing, sharing and selling their own energy. Which resulted in a successful outcome in three different countries. A success that should be shared with anyone who wants to take control over their energy.

Our job? The visual clarification of all the information gathered in an online starter’s guide and the production of an explainer video to introduce people to the cVPP-project.

Want to know more about a cVPP? Read the starter’s guide here.

We are happy to be part of a project that’s created with the future in mind.

Have you been working on a project for a sustainable or fair future? Would you like to make this accessible and understandable for your audience? Zologie translates your story into an attractive and easy to share animation.

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