We create 2d-animations for organizations and agencies.

Why animation videos?

Animation knows no boundaries. It gives you the power to visualise anything, anywhere. To create a captivating story with colourful characters. To let your imagination run wild. That’s the power of animation. 

Everything is handmade for your story, from the first second until the last. From the first “bleepbleepblob” until the last “kaboooom”. Every finger, every leave, every drop of water, … just as it should be. Each line and every dash of colour has been thought through to strengthen your message. We captivate your audience until the final frame.  

Together, we map out the scenario ahead. We’re flexible and transparent. No hiding and only honesty. 

And that’s what brings us the utmost satisfaction. Spreading authentic messages that need to be heard. Genuine videos with a twist, that will truly drive the point home! 

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We like to explain things

Maybe it’s our roots? Who will say. Anyway, our animated explainer videos have the power to make anything crystal clear. They can explain your product or service in a quick and concise way. They present problem cases and bring to life the solutions that your organization has developed. In short: our explainers inform your target audience in no time about your business.

We strengthen brands

Our animations clarify what your brand stands for. Who are you? What are you doing? And why are you doing it? We can answer those questions with beautiful 2D-explainers that focus on your brand, but also with short animations or gifs that boost your brand on social media. Or by providing eye-catching visuals for your live video’s. 

We create video campaigns

Our animations give you the opportunity to put small or big problems on the agenda. We made campaigns for interest groups like FIA Region I and Birdlife (together with the WWF), among others. We did this with explainer videos and bitesize variations for social media. Zologie also makes animated TV campaigns, like we did for Sport Vlaanderen. We have tons of experience in working with EU organizations and institutions and we always focus on long term relationships.

We support agencies with animation video

Are you a project manager with an agency or a production company? Then you know that working with an animation studio is often very enlightening. We have tons of know how and we are experts in setting up cost-effective productions, without losing quality.

By the way: it doesn’t stop with standard explainer videos. Agencies also book us to create assets for web applications like online games. Or they call us to make animations for TV: from idents or intros to character animations for commercials.

We love to help you with custom-made animated content!

Discover more on how we cooperate with agencies here.

Your animated video in 8 steps

Curious how we work? Want to know how long it takes to finish a production? Go and check our workflow breakdown and learn about the 8 milestones we set out from start to finish. We have created an overview based on a production for the FIA Region I.

Animation project case