We create animation videos

We produce 2D animation videos that simplify, engage and activate.

For committed organizations that tell essential messages, we create unique and engaging 2D animation videos.

Zologie transforms your story into videos that simplify, engage and activate. These videos are handmade by our creators. Each line and every dash of colour has been thought through to strengthen your message. We create animations short and long. From super short-form videos and snackables to explainer video’s.

Whatever the length, we captivate your audience until the final frame.

We also help out agencies, with the creation of custom animation videos.

Tell me more!

Our animation workflow works.

Explore our detailed workflow and discover how we organize our productions. In just 8 steps. Learn all about the process through one of our cases: from script writing, storyboarding and voice-over recording to a finished animation, ready to be shared.  

Show me!

Creativity shows.

Zologie tells your story, loud and clear. With more power and emotion than you could have ever imagined, but yet, and always, simple

We create unique 2D animation videos that simplify, engage and activate. From now on your message will be understood by the small ones and the very big ones. It will be heard by the old one and the young one, the one that never listened and the one that didn’t care before. 

Zologie sets the tone and delivers your message, powerful but oh so simple. 

Here’s some of our work. Visit our portfolio for a full overview.

We value our clients

Zologie teams up with committed organizations that tell an important message. Genuine stories that need to be heard, as loud and clear as possible. 

We thrive when customers let us break free. Constructive collaboration with customers that dare to trust the creative process, brings out the best in us!  Time and time again mutual respect forms the basis for a successful video journey. Final destination? An activating, animating & clever video message, that will be heard!

Since 2013 we have made a wide array of animations for organizations, corporations, NGOs and agencies. Here are some of them!

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